What is future readiness profile?

What is future readiness profile?

ZQ or Zamit Quotient is created by our experts at Zamit to support students to become future ready. All information is processed using Zamit’s proprietary AI driven, Machine Learning algorithm, resulting in a detailed report regarding the student’s future readiness profile. The platform offers a digital space to build one’s profile of academic, non-academic and co-curricular activities in the form of certificates, audio and video clips and images. ZQ facilitators then guide and support students towards strengthening their future readiness profile.

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    • Will ZQ give students an advantage in college admissions, in future?

      Although, a relatively new index, ZQ is set to become the global benchmark for future-readiness and will provide higher education institutions an objective snapshot of a student’s readiness to learn and adapt to change and ‘think on their feet’. ...
    • Can I get more details about ZQ?

      ZQ is an ongoing process of building and improving future readiness skills in a students. You can click here and read more about ZQ and begin your journey now! Related Articles: Is ZQ for all Students? How can I get my child’s ZQ? What is the ...
    • How do you give the ratings?

      The rating is based on responses to a set of pre-determined questions created by an Educational Think Tank and converted into the ZQ score by an algorithm on Zamit. Here is a sample report. Related Articles: Is ZQ for all Students? How can I get my ...
    • How is ZQ different from IQ?

      ZQ analysis and measures the individual's future readiness quotient. It is the world’s first AI-driven benchmark to provide a snapshot about a student’s readiness for the future. ZQ is dynamic, unlike most others that are fixed. ZQ keeps changing as ...
    • What is covered in ZQ?

      Zamit research has identified nine dimensions for future readiness, on which it provides each student with a 9D report. The nine dimensions include: Natural Abilities Acquired Abilities Technological Skills Analytical Skills Entrepreneurial Skills ...